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Crimson Payne
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Crimson Payne

Enhancement: Sonic Speed


Name: Jonathon Evans

Code Name: Omega

Faction: Project Naosis

Enhancements: Energy manipulation 

Bio: Jonathon Evans is the leader of Project Naosis. But at first he was known to the world as General Evans. In the year 2090 Jonathon lost everything from The Awakening of Crimson Payne. He needed to avenge the fallen, and the ones he lost. Being recruited by the newly formed government, The ULN. He was put into a classified unit where he was granted abilities unlike any other, and to lead the world into a new era not built by chaos. 

For more dive into Omega 2090 his origin story, or Episode 1 where he showcases his true power with his enhanced unit.

Enhancement: Energy Manipulation

Name: Crimson Payne

Faction: Crimson Payne Rebellion

Enhancements: Sonic Speed

Bio: Crimson Payne was born through blood as that is all he has known. In 2090 he had enough of the Government and the lies it was built on. So he turned against the world to eliminate all the superheroes that defended it. To do that he had to be something that superhero never faced before. A true monsterious villain with no remorse. Ripping through anyone that stands in his way from bringing the world into the new era. The era of PAYNE!

In Episode 0 & in Omega 2090 you see firsthand the destruction that comes when Crimson is there being the true source of evil in the world. 


Name: Noah Thomas

Code Name: Prince Euro

Faction: Project Naosis

Enhancements: Teleportation 

Bio: The Prince of The European Federation and a superstar to the world. Since he was a young boy his father trained him in the art of sword fighting. When the nations fell in Episode 0 the world needed heroes and The ULN needed someone on the unit they can trust. So they decided to give the naosis serum to Noah Thomas changing his life forever.

Noah plays a double life as he is in the Unit of Project Naosis.

Enhancement: Teleportation

Hybrid Mask.JPG

Name: Cole Walker

Code Name: Hybrid

Faction: Project Naosis

Bio: Cole Walker was a hitman for hire. Always on the move and always traveling, but he had another life. A family in New York City. In 2090 when he was sent on a hit leaving his family behind the world was set into its darkest day losing everything that he loved.

Now fueled by rage, he goes on a killing spree. Until he was brought into the unit of Project Naosis by Jonathon Evans. Jonathon's leadership molded his rage into precession. Cole was given the Naosis Serum, giving him the enhancement of healing oneself. As some see this as a Gift, he sees this as a big joke to his existence. Being trapped with life without death, to live with the loss of his family. With only one objective that motivates him now to kill Crimson Payne with his own hands. 

Prince Euro

Enhancement: Grows Spike Projectiles

Name: Victor Hernandez 

Code Name: Thorn

Faction: Project Naosis

Bio: Victor is was always a soldier. A soldier since hwas 16. Once he he turned 20 he was always fighting alongside Jonathon Evans as his right hand in the elite squad that hunted down terrorist organizations. 

Gifted with the Naosis Serum, he is able to generate large spike projectiles out of his forearms. This is either for combat or for a lethal shot blow. His spike projectiles have the ability to regenerate.

Every day he looks for that adrenaline rush. If it's not through drugs, then it is through women. Victor is arrogant as he pushes his insecurities deeper inside throughout every mission to hide from his inner demons. Victor will make his full appearance in Episode 1, and you find more about his origin inside Omega 2090.

Cole Clint Walker

Enhancement: Healing


Name: Shin Lao

Code Name: Helcate

Faction: Project Naosis

Bio: Shin Lao was a loyal servant to The Red Crown since the age of 16. She was originally part of The Crowns Guard. Which was an elite group of women that protect the Empress who oversee the Red Crown Nation. Recruited from Jonathon Evans to become the elite hero she is now. You will learn about her debut inside Omega 2090.

Evans saw the potential in Shin Lao. Once. Gifting her the enhancement of fire and heat manipulation. Using this to engulf her enemies with clouds of fire. With one punch, she will melt the flesh off any face who may stand against her. 

Helcate is the most humane member out of the unit. Helcate is driven by the task in front of her. All she knows is to serve for the mission to feel the honor of a true warrior for her Nation.

Enhancement: Fire Manipulation 

Enhancement: Fire & Heat Manipulation

Odyessus .JPG

Name: Odysseus

Faction: The Guild Of Titans

Bio: Odysseus is the leader of The Guild of Titans. He is known to the people of the nations as a God. A true symbol of hope to the people. This is due to him being the first to gain absolute fame from his Enhancements. Odysseus is expected to become the true keeper of peace across The Americas.

For thirty years he has protected the people of The Americas from any injustice that comes his way building up The Guild of Titans like himself who fight alongside the government to install absolute peace.

The Guild of Titans is made up of 22 heroes born Enhanced. They are stationed all around The Americas to govern and help the people. Odysseus sits at the head of the table in The Hall of Titans. The Hall of Titans is their main HQ located in the center of America's Capital, New York City.

Enhancement: Flight & Super Strength


Enhancement: Telekinesis 

Name: Rifter

Faction: Crimson Payne Rebellion

Bio: Rifter is an elite craftsman of war as he is the leading General in the rising rebellion of the Payne Patriots. The Payne Patriots are an army who follow Crimson Payne in his mission to bring the world into a new era... an era not to be shackled by the laws of the ULN. Rifter has the ability of telekinesis. This allows him to use any setting to his advantage to control everything around him.

Rifter will make his Comic debut in Episode 1 when he goes head-on with the Unit of Project Naosis!



Name: Michael Evans

Code Name: Lithium

Faction: Project Naosis

Enhancements: Energy manipulation 

Bio: Michael is one of our main protagnsiots inour world as he is the light of truth in the unit of Project Naosis. 

He was once a known fighter in Gladitor Instict thinking that all he had. Until he was found again and given true purpose to fight for the world against the rising evil of Crimson Payne.


Energy Manipulation 

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Name: Valerie Vega

Faction: ULN

Bio: Valerie Vega is a ULN Corporal assigned to the unit of Project Naosis to keep the team in line. But as she was assigned she has grown to be one of the key members inside the unit without any enhancements keeping up with the other members.

Vega is the pilot and a marksman in all weaponry. 

Her go-to weapon is dual plasma pistols.

Valerie Vega
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Zekali Zi

Name: Zekali Zi

Bio: Zekali Zi is the Gladiator Instinct Champion in Episode 1. Gladiator Instinct is a fighting competition viewed all across the club showcasing real violence. 

Zekali Zi
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Name: Banshii

Faction: Crimson Payne Rebellion

Enhancements: Sonic Scream

Bio: A commander in Crimson Payne's rebellion Banshii is one of the biggest threats to the world. She is a savage as savgae gets with razor sharp claws to rip through her enemies that down bend the knee to Crimson Payne.

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Name: Jacob Marlow

Faction: ULN

Bio: Head scientist for The ULN. He is the constructor of all the armor and weapons for the classified unit of Project Naosis

Jacob Marlow
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Name: Steve Da Bear

Faction: The Americas

Bio: Steve is a knife speicalist in the Americas Anit-Terror unit. He is light on his feet but quick to the kill.

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Name: Bruta

Faction: The Americas

Bio: Pilot for The Americas anti-terror squad. Bruta is a loud mouth shoot first ask questions later as she is tough as tough gets.

Steve Da Bear

Name: Ti

Faction: The Americas

Bio: An expert in hand-to-hand combat as he is a soldier underneath General Evans's unit. Skilled with dual batons and pistols he is a threat unlike any other when it's up close and personal. 

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Name: Shidan

Faction: Terror of The World Organization

Bio: Leader of the Terror of The World Organization that smuggles organs to the highest bidder across the world. Him and his collective of terror fuse themselves with cybernetics to make them lethal threats. 

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Name: Vantage

Faction: Payne Patriots

Enhancements: Dark Matter Energy

Bio: A disciple from Crimson Payne with his origins unknown. 

Enhancement: Flight & Super Strength

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