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Project Naosis is not just a book, it is a world. We are going to develop each character with an ongoing story. Giving you a story that holds value with each page.  Below are many series we will begin but for now.

Project Naosis Episodic Series

Project Naosis Episodes will move the story forward following the path of the Project Naosis Unit on there mission to take down the rebellion of Crimson Payne

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The Only Hybrid

Coming soon will be an ongoing Hybrid series. Following his travels in a detective series across the globe

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Crimson Payne Graphic Novel

Crimson Payne in his villainous ways in a 80-page event. 

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OMEGA 2090

Omega 2090 is a four-part series giving you the origin of Omega as he was known to the world as General Evans. 

We are live on Kickstarter for this project so click the image below!


True Heroes

Following The Guild of Titans students as they find a way to save the world and become heroes. Heroes that will stand for what is pure and true and bring back the word Hero!

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Deus Mortalis journey as she saves a young enhanced from trouble. Changing her ways for the better as she finally finds someone to care for. Turning herself from a gun for hire to a hero of the world. 

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